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History in Brief

The Savannah Golf Club has made a significant impact on the game of golf as well as American and Georgian history. On record The Savannah Golf Club is the Oldest Golf Club in America and is believed to be the first American city where the game of golf was played. Our proud heritage dates back to our beginnings in 1794. Documented in our archives are several historical publications that warrant our founding; the invitation of December 20, 1811 as well as the Call to an Annual Meeting on September, 1796.

The Invitation read:

“The honor of Miss Eliza Johnston’s company is requested to a Ball to be given by members of the golf club of this city, at the Exchange, on Tuesdays evening the 31st instant at 7:00 o’clock. – George Woodruff, Robert Mackay, James Dickson Managers George Hogarth Treasurer

Evidence of our Golf Club and Association existed well before the date on this invitation. Appearing in the 1796 September Issue of the “Georgia Gazette” a Call to Annual Meeting and read:

“Saturday, the first of October, being the anniversary of the Savannah Golf Club, the Members are requested to attend at the Merchants and Planters coffee house for the Purpose of electing officers for the ensuing twelve months and to transact other necessary business”

From this historical document we know that The Savannah Golf Club was in existence prior to the time of this notice; one researcher has concluded from historical material that The Savannah Golf Club anniversary in question was not the first but indeed the second, warranting the historical establishment of The Savannah Golf Club as 1794.

The Savannah Golf Club and golf course we know today was incorporated on December 29, 1899 in Chatham County. At the time, there existed a complete line of Confederate fortifications, which extended across the entire property. To celebrate the Civil War and Georgia history it was decided that the course should be laid out to utilize these fortifications and although changes and alterations have been made to the golf course over the years, these fortifications are still present today and play an integral part in the design of the course.

The Savannah Golf Club is a private member owned organization proud of its past and present day traditions in golf. Our course today has hosted the State Amateur Championship seven times, the State Senior Amateur Championship three times, the Women's State Amateur and it has played host the Regional Qualifying for both the State Amateur and Southern Amatuer Championships. Our golf club also boasts an impressive Clubhouse complete with various dining and bar facilities, a state of the art tennis and pickleball complex and a luxury pool and cabana.

As long as there is excellence in the game of golf, The Savannah Golf Club will strive to continue the traditions of the past while building camaraderie among its members. We are appreciative to the Club’s past Presidents, Directors and many committees that have brought us through the last century so proudly.

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